The openness of Family Clinic to the international medical society helped in the attraction of a number of patients from around the world, particular from the Middle East. Recently, Family Clinic has received a good number of wealthy Iraqi patients seeking for superior medical services, especially bariatric surgeries to be done by Dr. Mohammad Al Sayyad.

Executive Biography

Dr. Mohamad Al Sayyad 

Born in Saida in 1984, Dr. Mohammad Al Sayyad is the CEO and the founder of Family Clinic.

Prior to this, he earned his bachelor degree in medicine from the Beirut Arab University and later in bariatric and cosmetic surgery. He took several courses in Laparoscopic and bariatric surgery from USJ University in Lebanon and Oslo University in Norway. He is also a member of The American Academy of Aesthic Medicine. Up till now, Dr.Sayyad has done more than 260 operations, especially obesity surgeries such as gastric sleeve, thigh lifting, plication and many others.


Established in March 2011, Family Clinic was borne out of the faith of Dr. Mohammad Al Sayyad, a freshly graduated doctor, who determined to establish outstanding healthcare services in the south region in Lebanon. It commenced as a general health clinic and later on, pediatric, dentistry, gynecology, nutrition, dermatology and psychiatry clinics joined. In 2014, the x-ray department was introduced. In 2015, as Dr. Sayyad became a surgeon, Family Clinic was expanded to become a full service medical center with physical therapy department, laboratory and the beauty department (Jana Spa) in addition to the above mentioned.

Since then, ongoing refurbishment and development has continued to take place, where Family Clinic is now Family Clinic S.A.R.L. registered in the Lebanese Ministry of Economics with five shareholders well known for their high university degree and superior job positions, and is a sister company with ”Plastue”, a disposable-medical product company and “Click Once”, an professional information technology company. This helps in exchange of experience.

Yet, as it evolves, Family Clinic remains true to its original mission in delivering quality and excellent but affordable medical services to meet the increasing demand for luxurious private health service in the south region.


Upon the arousal of Syrian clashes in 2011, and with the increase in the number of Syrian refugees seeking for medical health services, Family Clinic was among the first to provide charity programs, until in 2016 a dispensary and related pharmacy opened its doors providing medical services to needy people whether being Syrian or of any other nationality. Never to forget the mobile clinic sponsored by the international IMC organization, where a fully equipped ambulance, nurses and pediatrics surf rural areas to deliver needed medical services and education.