About Us


At Family Clinic, where the patient and the whole family is at the heart of everything we do, we ensure focused commitment and mere dedication to provide compassionate , safe, affordable and high quality care to a full spectrum of patients as a unique multidisciplinary medical center.

With its magnificent design and architectural structure, Family Clinic resides in the heart of Saida , in one of the most lively streets in town, Dalaa’ street, serving Saida and several surrounding municipalities representing a catchment area of approximately     250, 000 residents .

For us at Family Clinic, an area of 750 m2 distributed among two floors with an access to a nearby free parking, is vast enough for the breadth of individual healthcare services we offer and the technology of equipment we operate, however small enough to exceed the patients’ expectation for a friendly ,family-like, calm environment .

We pride ourselves on providing everything you need in a single place, and continue to explore innovative ways to deliver promote care to serve around 25,000 clients annually currently operating 360 days around the year with a 7days \ 8:00am-8:00 pm access .

Our true strength relies in fostering a wide range of diverse specialties with more than twenty clinics besides ancillary departments within a single place. We can offer specialist-focused treatment in the areas of cardiology, gynecology, endocrinology, dermatology,  family medicine ,heamto-oncology, cardiology, obstetrics & gynecology, endocrinology, dermatology, psychiatry , rheumatology, orthopedic, dentistry, plastic surgery, obesity surgery and many others .We also offer advanced levels of diagnostic imaging procedures, laboratory, physiotherapy, speech therapy, pulmonary function testing, halter monitoring , stress testing and ECG .

Beyond the borders of a medical center, we are also leaders in providing surgical and non- surgical beauty services.

It is well known that the key stone for any successful health program is in its man power. In order to achieve superior clinical outcomes, Family Clinic has recruited about 29 physicians including 6 surgeons: one general surgery, two bariatric, one vascular, two plastic surgery and one Ear Nose Throat, with broad experience in different medical branches, aided by well-trained team of nurses, technicians, beauty specialists and administrative personals to build a hard working team of about 28 well caring employees.

It is also recognized as having one of the highest rates of internship programs, benefiting from the knowledge and experience of the staff in different fields.